CirrusAir Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and distributes the ultimate whole-home air purification solution. CirrusAir delivers over 100 years of product innovation through two industry-leading commercial technology partners, Camfil and CosaTron. CirrusAir delivers a range of products designed for every budget and offering best-in-class performance from entry-level filter-only solutions to the flagship CirrusAir Strata Plus product that delivers class1000 clean room air quality standards to a residential application.

As a homeowner, you may be unaware of the airborne particles that exist in your home. CirrusAir wants to bring “a little something” to your attention. Sub-micron particles are often unaddressed, creating a melting pot of allergy-causing pollen, pet dander, VOCs and stubborn odors.

CirrusAir guarantees Class 100,000 cleanroom Air Quality with over 100 years of air treatment innovation in a compact, affordable whole-home air purification solution. What does this mean? The air in your home will be classified with the same standard as an operating room or a scientific lab. Make your home an oasis with CirrusAir.

CirrusAir Strata Plus

The ultimate whole-home air purification product guarantees Class 100,000 cleanroom air quality standards in your home. Our flagship product combines the proprietary 2″ pleated filter produced by Camfil with the CosaTron Electronic Air Purification electrodes to deliver the cleanest, healthiest air inside your home.

CirrusAir combines the most advanced, commercially available technologies to deliver the ultimate air purification solution for your home:
Proprietary 2″ Pleated Filter Produced by Camfil
Filter Enhancement
CosaTron Electronic Filter Enhancement
Air Purification System
CirrusAir Whole-Home Air Purification System
We not only install the CirrusAir Strata Plus, but use it in our home! Click Here to read the testimonial and actual before and after in-home air quality test results of Jason Bradford, Owner and President of Nacogdoches Sheet Metal and Plumbing, LTD and DBA Nacogdoches Air Conditioning and Heating.