How Do Air Conditioning Systems Work?

August 1, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered how that appliance on the side of your building helps cool your living space, we have a simple guide to explain how the cooling process works in air conditioners. Knowing how your AC works can help you maintain your unit better as well as give you an understanding of what the technician is doing so that you can keep up with what they are telling you. At Nacogdoches Sheet Metal, Plumbing & Air Conditioning, LTD., we have an impeccable reputation in Nacogdoches, TX, for providing excellent AC services.

The Makeup of the External and Internal Units

The unit on the outside of your home is what contains the compressor, the condenser, and a fan. In the unit inside your home, there is an evaporator coil that is connected to your furnace. Now that you know the basic components, let’s look at how the cooling is done.

The Role of Refrigerant

The refrigerant flows between the compressor, the condenser and the evaporator coil. As it circulates, the refrigerant changes between gas and liquid states. This causes the refrigerant to “take” or “let go of” heat according to pressure fluctuations. The refrigerant begins its journey by entering the compressor in the form of warm gas. This warmth is the heat that has been extracted from the inside of your home. The compressor then compresses the gas, forcing it to become even hotter.

Through the Condenser

The next stop for the gas is the condenser. Once there, it passes through coils. Meanwhile, the fan takes air from outside and blows it onto these hot coils, which conduct the heat into the air outside the house. The process of removing the heat from the gas makes it leave the compressor while cooling and turning into a liquid.

Your Ideal Temperature Is Reached

The now-chilled air is forced into your home where the furnace’s blower causes your indoor air to come in contact with the cold coils. The air is then spread throughout your house through the duct system. Although a simplification of how your AC works, this heat transfer is the basis of your home’s cooling.

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