How Hard Water Affects Your Plumbing

October 22, 2019

The minerals that are in hard water will not automatically go away and exit your plumbing. Instead, they tend to build up over time and leave deposits in your pipes. Once the buildups occur, they will have all sorts of negative impacts on your pipes.

Reduced Water Flow

When there is a buildup in your pipes, it causes an obstruction in your plumbing. This will constrict the pipes and allow for less passage through them, lowering the water pressure throughout your home. As a result, you will find that there is less water coming through your pipes and that the flow of water is reduced. This will affect both your showers as well as your water use in the kitchen when you do things such as washing dishes.

Greater Risk of Rupture

The hard water buildup in your pipes will cause your pipes to have to work much harder to get the job done. This will cause them to be placed under stress. When your pipes are stressed, they are more at risk of rupturing. Increased stress on your pipes can also cause your plumbing systems to fail.

Clogged Pipes

Not only will there be less water coming through your pipes, but there will also be less water going down the drain. This will lead to clogs in your sinks and bathroom. The buildup will mean that your water drains slower if it even drains at all.


Even if the stress on your pipes does not cause a full rupture, it can also cause other negative consequences. The hard water can cause your pipes to corrode, especially at connection points. This will cause water to leak throughout your home. As any homeowner knows, leaky pipes cause a whole host of problems, including damage to your floor and furniture.

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