How Long Does an Average Toilet Last in a Home?

January 20, 2020

The average life of a toilet has declined in the last several years due to changes in the manufacturing process. The length of the life of a toilet also depends on the amount of use it experiences. The more people in the household, the more flushes there will be, which shortens the overall life of this plumbing piece.

Here are a few things that impact how long the average toilet lasts in a home.

The Number of People in a Home

A toilet that is used sparsely will have a longer lifespan. In a way, you can estimate how long the toilet will be viable by the number of times it gets flushed in a day. It is almost like mileage and cars. A car that is only driven 10,000 miles a year will survive more years. Whereas a car that is driving 10,000 miles a month will have to be taken in for maintenance sooner and more often rather than later.


Like many other home items, toilets are not manufactured the way they were in the past. Plastic bolts have replaced the metal. Since plastic does not last as long as metal, the lifespan of a toilet has been shortened.


To lengthen the life of a toilet, you want to ensure that you are properly cleaning it. A toilet that is not well-sanitized is going to grow bacteria and other buildup that will make it unsanitary to use.


A toilet can be sensitive. If the lid is dropped too hard, it can crack and cause other cracks, including cracks on the bowl. Once there are cracks, it is time for a replacement.

Ultimately, the average lifespan of a toilet manufactured in the last decade is 10–15 years. There are some HVAC professionals who believe that a sturdy toilet can last 50.

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