Looking to Install a New AC Unit? Consider These Tips

June 10, 2024

If you’re looking for a new AC system, you’ll have plenty of great options in Nacogdoches, TX. However, not all AC systems are created equal. Plus, you’ll have to live with whichever option you pick for a decade or more. That makes learning the ins and outs of choosing the right AC essential. To help you do that, here are four tips you can use to ensure that you pick the perfect AC for your home.

1. Be Precise About Your AC Size

There are plenty of important things to consider when you shop for a new AC for your home. Of those, nothing is more important than what size AC you need. If you buy a system that’s too small, it will struggle to keep your home cool. If you buy one that’s too large, it will short cycle, creating big temperature swings and wasting energy. In both cases, the system will also wear out prematurely.

No matter what you’ve heard, there is only one correct way to determine what size AC your home needs — you’ll need a qualified HVAC technician to perform a Manual J calculation for your home. Manual J is a guide written by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). It includes a precise formula for AC sizing, including every aspect of a home’s heat load. Our team of AC technicians can perform the calculation for you, so you’ll end up with the right size AC.

2. Consider Different AC System Types

You should also think carefully about what type of AC system would suit your home best. Some homeowners limit their search to single-stage conventional central AC systems. However, other options may do a better job of cooling your home. The following are some of your options.

Single Stage AC Systems

These are the most common types of central AC systems on the market. They operate at a single speed and offer moderate efficiency and comfort. They’re also among the most inexpensive options you have to choose from.

Dual Stage or Variable Speed AC Systems

Dual-stage and variable-speed AC systems offer the ability to operate at multiple speeds, depending on your cooling needs. This helps them keep the temperature in your home steady and avoid hot and cold spots. It’s also far more efficient than single-stage operation. That means you’ll get superior comfort with lower operating costs. Plus, dual-stage and variable-speed AC models work especially well with zoning systems. Those can improve both your comfort and further improve system efficiency, should you install one.

Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems

A ductless mini-split is another option you should consider. While more expensive than their central AC counterparts, they offer some major advantages. For one, they don’t require ductwork and enjoy up to a 30% efficiency advantage because of it. For another, mini-splits offer zoned cooling by default. This gives you unprecedented control over your home’s temperature and maximizes energy savings.

3. Learn To Interpret SEER

You should also learn how to interpret the SEER rating system before you choose a new AC. SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, is the standard measure of AC efficiency. It’s a simple number system where higher numbers mean higher efficiency. However, SEER ratings don’t reflect linear efficiency gains. So, you’ll need to know how to compare SEER ratings to figure out if a higher SEER system is worth its cost.

The formula to do this is simple. Just divide the higher SEER rating and divide it by the lower SEER rating. Then, subtract one from the result and multiply that by 100%. The result will be the precise efficiency difference between the two SEER ratings.

4. Choose a Qualified HVAC Contractor

Finally, you should be very careful about the HVAC contractor you choose to install your new AC. The quality of the work they perform will affect your new system’s operation and longevity. It may also impact your new AC’s warranty coverage. Plus, this is a decision you can’t undo once you make it.

In general, you want an HVAC contractor with a long track record for customer satisfaction. For example, Nacogdoches Sheet Metal, Plumbing & Air Conditioning, LTD. has been the go-to HVAC contractor in Nacogdoches since the 1940s. You also want an HVAC contractor who sells and installs HVAC systems from reputable manufacturers. Their HVAC technicians should also have appropriate training and industry certifications.

Locally Owned and Operated HVAC Company

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