What Can Be Done to Prevent Mold Buildup in My Home?

January 10, 2020

Keeping mold from building up in your house is not as difficult as some may believe. If you suspect there is already mold in your home, you are encouraged to hire an HVAC professional to get rid of it. Then, he or she can set up measures that will prevent it from building up again. Here are a few things that can be done to prevent mold buildup in your residence.

Manage Moisture

Mold thrives in areas where moisture is present and stagnant. So, to prevent the spores from landing, adhering, and growing, ensure that no areas in your home are leaking moisture. Common places where moisture gathers include crevices and cracks of windows and doors as well as rooms that are usually dark like the basement and attic.

Manage Humidity

While you are preventing moisture from accumulating in your home, you are also encouraged to manage the amount of humidity down to zero. Humidity becomes prevalent during the colder months because there is no heat to dry it up for you.

Prevent Leaks

Sealing off cracks and crevices is the easiest way to prevent leaks in your house. Preventing leaks helps you stop the moisture and humidity that helps mold grow, so this ends up being a positive multitask.

Purchase Mold-Resistant Products

When you furnish your home, you are encouraged to stay away from materials that absorb water easily, such as paper and certain types of wood. Instead, purchase items that are made from mold-resistant materials.

Clean the Gutters

Although the gutters are located outside of your house, HVAC professionals in Nacogdoches, TX, will advise you to keep them clean. Mold is known to thrive in the gutters, so to prevent it from creeping onto your roof and walls, clean them out.

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