3 Signs You Need Drain Repair

July 15, 2019

Your drainage system keeps your home clean and sanitary. When drains malfunction, they can cause significant issues that affect the operation of the plumbing system. Hiring a professional to repair the drains is necessary to avoid flooding and water damage.

Here are a few of the main signs that you need drain repair on your property.

1. Clogs

You may notice that the drains continue to clog throughout the house. This can lead to sitting water in your bathtub or toilets that fail to flush correctly. Consistent clogs are a sign that your drainage system needs attention because there is likely an emergency issue with the sewer line. A single clog that occurs is usually a sign that there is an obstruction to just one of the pipes. This is a relatively minor issue that is typically easy and quick to fix.

2. Water Stains in the Basement

If you suspect that you need drain repair, it is important to inspect the basement for water stains. Water stains are a sign that there is a sewage issue on the property with poor drainage. This can cause mold to form and can eventually lead to flooding in the building. You may also find rats that begin to appear in the basement. If you do not have a basement, there may be damp spots and pools of water present in the yard.

3. Unusual Odors

Drainage issues are known to cause unusual odors and smells due to excess water that sits too long. You may notice that the drainage system is emitting smells that are similar to a sewer. This can force gas up through the p-traps in the sinks. In addition to being unpleasant, sewage fumes could lead to health issues.

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