Indications That Your Ductwork is Damaged

January 3, 2022
Damaged Ductwork Signs in Nacogdoches, TX

Like many homeowners in Nacogdoches, TX, you probably don’t pay enough attention to your HVAC system until it fails. Ductwork is a vital element of your residential or commercial HVAC system. The ducts play a crucial role in distributing fresh air to various rooms throughout your home.

Unfortunately, ducts are susceptible to damage due to leaks, poor installation, and everyday wear. As such, they also need routine maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Regular maintenance will help you catch issues early to avoid costly repairs or replacements. It will also enhance energy efficiency.

Spikes in Utility Bills

If you notice spikes in your utility bills, it will be best to check the entire HVAC system. If other parts appear to be working normally, you should check the ductwork. Usually, faulty or leaky ductwork might be the cause of your high utility bills. Faulty ductwork causes spikes in your energy bills by forcing your HVAC system to overwork. Moreover, air might be leaking out through the leaky ductwork.

Strange Noises

Leaky or faulty ductwork will force your home comfort equipment to overwork. If you fail to address it quickly, you might stay noticing vibrations and rattling due to damage. Most times, strange noises signify that the inner metal membrane has been damaged. Thus, it will be best to contact a professional HVAC specialist if your ductwork produces strange noises.

Reduce Air Quality

Your HVAC system is designed to maintain optimal temperatures in every part of your home. However, leaky and faulty ductwork can cause uneven temperature distribution throughout your home. The chances are that the ductwork is damaged if some rooms are warmer or cooler than others.

Neglecting the leaky ductwork will lead to more costly repairs or replacements. Your family might also develop allergies and asthma. Thus, contact a certified HVAC specialist immediately to address the issue early.

Low Airflow

Many times your HVAC system fails to distribute quality airflow due to cracks or broken seals. Lack of enough air vents can also cause low airflow in your home. Another significant reason your home comfort equipment might produce poor airflow is leaky or faulty ductwork. Faulty ductwork struggle to circulate fresh air throughout your home.

Hole and Crevices

Your ductwork might be struggling to circulate enough fresh air throughout your home due to pest infestation. When mice, rats, or any other pests find their way into your ductwork, they are likely to hinder the performance of your air ducts.

Moreover, pests might also damage your ductwork which can lead to serious health concerns. So, check for holes and crevices around your air ducts to prevent further damage. You should also look out for mouse or insect droppings near the vents. Call an HVAC specialist early to remove the pests immediately.

Old Ductwork

On average, air ducts last approximately ten years with proper maintenance. However, air ducts are susceptible to damage and deterioration over time. When this happens, your ductwork might fail to perform as effectively as it should. It can also cause a spike in your utility bills. So, get in touch with a professional expert to check your ductwork for signs of deterioration and damage.

Too Much Dust

It is never easy to eliminate dust within the ducts. However, too much dust is always a cause for concern. If your home has become dusty, it might signify faulty or leaky ductwork. Dust from outside might find its way to your home through leaks and holes in your ductwork. Neglecting the issue might cause cardiovascular diseases, allergies, or asthma.

Tangled Ducts

Your ductwork might be damaged when a heavy object like a tree or rock falls on the ducts. If this happens, the ductwork might be twisted and prevent airflow. Moreover, it might become leaky and restrict sustainable airflow. Therefore, get help from a certified HVAC specialist if you have tangled ducts.

Debris Around the Ductwork

Ductworks are designed to distribute air throughout your house based on your specific needs. However, faulty and damaged ductwork might distribute dirty air inside your home. If this continues for long, you might notice debris around the vents. To prevent respiratory diseases and high utility bills, make sure to address the problem early.

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