Is Your Water Heater Not Working? Here’s What You Need To Do

January 3, 2024
Water heaters in Nacogdoches, TX

Getting into your shower to be welcomed by a blast of cold water in the early morning is one of the most inconvenient experiences. It is infuriating, especially when you have an early morning schedule. When there is no hot water, the immediate reaction is to call a technician for help. But, before contacting a plumber, you can quickly inspect your water heating system to establish any possible issues.

1. Check Your Heater’s Thermostat

A thermostat is used to set the preferred temperature of your water heater. If your water doesn’t reflect your thermostat settings, adjust it. You can then check if the water is hot after a few minutes. If the water is still cold, consult a professional for further action.

2. Check the Pilot Light if You Have a Gas Water Heater

A gas water heater needs a continuous flow of heat to function. The heater has a pilot light that has to be on to heat your water correctly. If you light the pilot light and it keeps going off, check the status of your heater’s thermocouple. Also, ensure sufficient gas supply and whether the gas valve is operational. If you still cannot assess hot water, contact a plumber.

3. Check Your Circuit Breaker

If your home has an electric water heater and produces cold water, your circuit breaker could be the problem. You should check if the breaker’s switch is on or has tripped to the off position. If you switch it on and there is no sign of hot water, call an experienced technician to handle the problem.

4. Look Out for Water Leakage From the Heater Tank

A water heater tank leakage can affect its functionality and cause it to fail to heat water. You should inspect your water heater for signs of leakage and take the appropriate action. Even a small leak will grow significantly with time; therefore, you must repair it quickly.

A cracked tank, loose pipe connections, or poor plumbing work are the common causes of tank leakage. If you can’t see the source of the leakage, a plumber can help you identify and fix it correctly.

5.Confirm Whether All Hot Water Taps Are in Use

A hot water tank has the permitted water capacity. When all the water has been utilized, the heating system will have to heat more water, which may take some time. Also, if all the hot water taps are in use simultaneously, the water in the tank will drain faster than its filling up rate. You can develop a daily schedule for using hot water to ensure enough supply for your home’s activities.

6.Replace Your Hot Water Heater

Consider a replacement if you keep running into frequent troubles with your water heater. An aged heater that won’t function efficiently even after a series of repairs will fail quickly. You can consult an expert to determine the best water heater for your home’s needs and help install a new unit.

7. Check Your Water Pressure

Low water pressure can affect the water flow into the hot water tank. If you live in a home with narrow water pipes, water restrictions will be on all your inlet tanks or taps. In this case, you should wait for the tanks to fill before using hot water. If the pressure issues persist, consider installing wide-diameter pipes with the help of an experienced plumber.

In addition, calcium deposits may form in your water pipes. The build-up will narrow the pipe’s diameter and obstruct water flow, lowering the water pressure. As such, hot water from the heater will not be dispensed efficiently to your bathroom or other taps in the house. Consult a licensed plumber to assess your water pipes and recommend a lasting solution.

Still Don’t Know What To Do? Seek Professional Assistance

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