What Happens During Furnace Maintenance

September 22, 2021

As we begin to exit the warmer months, it’s recommended that your furnace has maintenance to ensure that it will be able to meet the challenge of heating your home for the duration of the winter. It’s especially important if your furnace is getting pretty old or if you worry about the recent amount of repairs that you’ve had to have over the past years. Homeowners are sometimes unsure about what furnace maintenance includes. There are a few things you can expect to see when your furnace is receiving maintenance.

The Furnace Maintenance Process

The purpose of maintenance is to renew some of the functionality that your furnace loses after months of activity or inactivity. Your technician will begin by checking all of the necessary parts that may have become worn over time. For instance, they will test the safety controls and other electrical components. That includes checking for loose or damaged wires and connections and then correcting whichever issue they may have. Also, your technician will be checking the burner flame sensor and calibrating the thermostat if needed.

Another thing that your technician will do is lubricate all of the moving parts and examine the parts that allow airflow. That means removing the air filter, examining it, and then cleaning or replacing it based on the condition of the filter. In addition, they will inspect the air intake grill and vent system and clean those if necessary as well.

There are several other actions that your HVAC technician will take in order to provide you with the best possible furnace performance this winter. For instance, your technician will examine the blower and blower motor and then remove any debris.

They will also check the amp draw to make sure that it’s working correctly. The amount of energy used to heat your home is increased when your amp draw malfunctions. This introduces issues like poor air quality, which could lead to humidity and respiratory problems.

Over time, your heat exchanger will undergo many cycles of heating up, expanding, cooling, and contracting. After years of this, it may begin to develop cracks or complete breaks that cause it to malfunction. If that happens, then it could be a health risk for you and your family. Your technician will examine the heat exchanger for signs of damage and suggest repairs if needed.

They will also inspect your belts, looking for cracks or weaknesses that would cause them to snap. Then, they will check the tension of your belts. If the belts have too much give, they will need to be adjusted. Finally, your HVAC technician will adjust your pullies to make sure that the entire belt system is in alignment.

If you have a gas or oil furnace, the technician will perform a few other steps to ensure the efficiency of your system. That includes inspecting fuel lines as well as gas pressure and your burner. They will also check your electronic ignition or pilot, which is a significant part of the full functionality of your furnace.

We recommend that you have furnace maintenance once a year. The fall is the best time for your maintenance because it’s typically the time of year where your furnace has accumulated wear and tear plus months of inactivity. Also, starting the colder months with a clean slate is ideal if you want to maximize the lifespan of your furnace while maintaining energy efficiency.

The worst-case scenario is that you find out that your furnace is unprepared for the winter, and now, you have to replace it. In that case, a trained professional will assist you in upgrading your furnace to a newer one, and you avoid the situation of having to deal with it suddenly at an inconvenient time.

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